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Customer Service Strategy Model - Service Standards

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Service Standards



Service Standards need to be agreed for all of the factors known to be important to customers. That information is obtained from:

  • service priorities research
  • other customer research

In general, Service Standards need to be about:

  • Appearance
  • Timeliness
  • Behaviour (the visible manifestation of Attitude)

There is no point in having a Service Standard if its achievement still doesn’t meet customer needs and this is especially the case when considering Timeliness Service Standards.

To develop Timeliness Service Standards, it may be necessary to carry out customer research to identify Satisfaction Curves eg how quickly should we serve customers at counters? If we complete an S-curve, the chart below suggests that we should serve customers ideally within 2 minutes but certainly within 4 minutes. And, if we perform at the lower end, at least we know the extent of the trade-off in respect of customer satisfaction.

Waiting Times

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