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SOCAPiE Service Excellence Audit

The Challenge
You probably already acknowledge that customers play a very important role in your business; but do you fully understand the service excellence best practices and how your organisation measures up to them?
Knowing the gaps in your commitment to these best practices is the foundation for building action plans to improve and move forward with pace.

Our Solution

A quick way to assess where your organisation stands is to have your employees take our Service Excellence Audit which comprises 50 best practice statements covering the five areas of the Service Excellence Maturity Model in a carefully designed online questionnaire.

The five areas of the Model are:
Leadership & Strategy
The skill and style of leadership and the strategy chosen are key drivers of service excellence. No matter what market, type or size of organisation, without the leaders’ absolute commitment to service excellence, there cannot be consistent world class service delivery.
Support Measures & Process
The overall requirements for a well-balanced and integrated customer intelligence programme are to ensure timely feedback from all customer segments across all regions, business units, product lines, channels and at all points of contact for every stage of the customer lifecycle; and ideally in the local language. There may, in fact, be many different survey tools being deployed across an enterprise, but without consistent methodology, common terminology, and uniform definitions, the data collected may not be useful for the enterprise and will probably not be disseminated across departmental lines.
People & Culture
Engaged employees will actively engage customers by reaching out to them, showing empathy, demonstrating their commitment to serve them well and consistently building loyalty. Engaged employees will stay longer, reducing the time and costs of recruiting and induction training. They will be happier in their job, which translates to the positive treatment of customers, and more knowledgeable about issues and how to resolve them.
Customer Experience Management
Customer experiences can only be managed if they are thoroughly understood. So, every customer journey, and the experiences within it, needs to be mapped, analysed and the right experiences planned. This requires listening to customers to understand their opinions on everything, from product to support, from what they like to what they dislike about their experiences and why.
Success Measures
It is vital that all the activity translates into positive results in such metrics as:
  • Financial Performance
  • Market Share
  • Investor Loyalty
  • Employee Loyalty
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Reputation

The Audit is designed by experienced practitioners who have hands-on expertise in Service Excellence gained from engagements with a vast range of organisations across many industries worldwide. Since the Audit is online, it can be taken at any time during an agreed period and takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

The Service Excellence Maturity Model 

The five stages of Service Excellence Maturity range from Beginner and Developer stages through Contender and Performer to Exemplar. They provide an indication of how enabled your organisation is to deliver customer service excellence. Once this is established, you know the gaps that need to be closed and how to go about closing them.

The Benefits

 Having the entire organisation, or a representative sample up to 500, complete a Service Excellence Audit allows you to assess the progress you have made and the amount of work left to do by:

  • Identifying corporate and departmental strengths and weaknesses
  • Prioritising improvement areas
  • Sharing results and creating goals among team members
The Deliverables
Each individual completing the audit receives a personalised score at the end, providing them with immediate feedback on where they believe the organisation stands. After all the responses are in, you receive an aggregated report which includes analyses and recommendations for action plans.
In addition, one of our approved consultants will help you with the Audit findings using an interactive dashboard format in a half-day workshop which will include:
  • Analysis of your current state
  • Benchmarking of results compared to best-in-class
  • Quick, medium and long term next steps based on our Importance Framework
  • Hard copy Audit report
The Investment
The Service Excellence Audit can be completed by up to 500 employees over a time period agreed between us, following which we will deliver a collated report and consultancy time as outlined under The Deliverables.
The cost for this service is £3500.
Please contact us if you’d like to discuss the audit more fully

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