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Professional Development

SOCAPiE offers customer service training graduates the opportunity to be formally recognised. This recognition follows completion of an approved training programme and allows graduates to use the designatory letters MSoCAP.

If you would like to have your training or development programme(s) approved by SOCAPiE, you should contact us at The cost of accreditation is from £1500 per course and we can usually complete it by reviewing all training materials, although a visit to a course may be necessary for which travel expenses are charged. 

Eligibility of Qualifications

There are a number of Awards and qualifications that are recognised by SOCAPiE as being eligible for the right to use the designatory letters MSoCAP.

The current list of eligible awards/qualifications is:

1. National (or Scottish) Vocational Qualifications in customer service at Level 2+

2. UK Customer Service Apprenticeships

3. UK Contact Centre Apprenticeships

4. Awards granted by the Institute of Customer Service

5. Qualifications accredited by the SOCAPiE Business School

6. Internal organisational training and development programmes approved by SOCAPiE

7. Qualifications containing a significant proportion of customer service

8. Any other qualification recognised by SOCAPiE

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