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The SOCAPiE Certificate of Complaints Handling

To attain this certificate, students must either:

  1. Complete any three of:
    1. Developing an Effective Complaints Management Process
    2. Complaints Handling Workshop
    3. Investigation and Questioning Skills
    4. Investigating Complaints Professionally and Fairly
    5. Managing Unreasonable Conduct
    6. Addressing Customer Vulnerabilities in Complaints Management
    7. Writing Replies to Complaints
  2. Pass an online examination based on the modules taken.


  1. Pass an online examination based on each of the modules.

Those who successfully complete this Accredited programme will be awarded the SOCAPiE Certificate of Complaints Handling. They may also use the designatory letters MSoCAP.

Cost: There is no additional cost for those completing the module route. For those taking the examination-only route, there is a charge of £100. 

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