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SOCAPiE is Europe’s oldest and foremost organisation for customer service and consumer affairs and is for professionals working in customer service across Europe.

It promotes the exchange of ideas, expertise and opinions amongst practitioners, academics, opinion formers and governments and develops and encourages a higher professional profile for those working in customer service.

It does this by maintaining dialogue and engagement with various stakeholders and providing products and services to help organisations achieve world-class service delivery.

Latest news

Train Operators To Be Fined for Being a Minute Late

A report in The Times indicates that a train will be considered as late running if it arrives a minute late. 

Read the article.

Posted on 24th June 2016

Has Poor Service Resulted in Wrong Tax Payments?

NAO logo


The National Audit Office report criticises HMRC for its deteriorating call centre service. A Daily Telegraph article claims that, as the result, many people may have paid the wrong tax.

Read the NAO report and the Daily Telegraph article.

Posted: 25th May 2016 

Buy Two, Send One Back

The cost of online shopping is being incresed because of the generous returns' policy operated by retailers. 

Read an article from The Times.

Posted: May 19th 2016

Consultation on Tipping Starts

Uk Dept of Business Innovations and Skills has launched a public consultation on tipping in restaurants. 

Read more here. Read media coverage from The Times, The Independent and The Mirror.

Posted: 5 May 2016

New Standard For Rail On-Time Performance

Virgin Trains logo


Virgin Trains has announced a new standard for on-time performance - just 59 seconds off schedule rather than previous 10 minute standard.

Read the announcement from Virgin and see media coverage from ITV News and Daily Mail.

Posted: 30 April 2016 

The Cost of Poor Service

Scottish Power logo


Energy regulator Ofgem has fined Scottish Power £18m for poor service.

Read the announcement from Ofgem, statistics about complaints to Scottish Power and media coverage from The Telegraph and The Scottish Daily Record. Also read a statement from Scottish Power.

Posted: 27 April 2016

Cold Calling Made More Difficult

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport is announcing an important change in the fight against cold calling. 

From 16 May 2016, the number of the caller must be displayed, even if abroad.

Read the announcement and media coverage from BBC News and Daily Express.

Posted: 25 April 2016

The Customer is King

amc logo


Yesterday in America, AMC, a cinema chain, announced that it would allow mobile phones to be used during movies. Just 24 hours later, it is all change, thanks to customer feedback. 

Read an announcement from AMC and articles from BBC News and The Guardian.

Posted: 15 April 2016 and updated on 16 April 2016

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